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How to choose the right ampoule sealing machine ?

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    When it comes to ampoule sealing machine, many people will be confused about this, what is it and how it works ?


 Ampoule sealing machine is a professional equipment to seal the glass ampoule, usually apply in pharmaceutical, chemistry, biotechnology, cosmetics, environmental industry.


 Usually there are three types of the ampoule sealing machine in the market.

    Manual ampoule sealing machine

    Semi-automatic ampoule sealing machine

    Full automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine.


    Manual ampoule sealing machine and semi-automatic ampoule sealing machine only with the the sealing function. The users need to fill the liquid in the ampoule in advance, then use the manual ampoule sealing machine or semi-automatic ampoule sealing machine to seal the ampoule. Full automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine is a automatic pharmaceutical machine which can realize the integrated function of filling and sealing. According to the different filling volume, it is divided into 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 20ml automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine. According to the number of nozzles, it can be divided into single-nozzle, double-nozzle, four-nozzle, six-nozzle, and eight-nozzle automatic ampoule filling and sealing machines. According to the characteristics of the filling liquid, you can choose to customize the machine with peristaltic pumps and frequency converters.


    Changsha Yiguang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in pharmaceutical machinery over 7 years. We have RF-1 manual ampoule sealing machine、GBS-1 semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine、OHYH-200A semi-automatic rotary oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine and AGL series full-automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine.

    According to customers needs, we provide the suitable ampoule sealing machine to them. Usually we will ask customers some questions and request them to fill a form as below:


1. Budget

2. Productivity requirements (1.without productivity requirements, equipment is not used frequently, 2.with productivity requirements, equipment needs to be used frequently)

3. Gas source requirements (1. Liquefied petroleum gas 2. Natural gas 3. Clean energy: Hydrogen)

4. Place (1. Laboratory 2. Workshop)

5. The material of the ampoule (1. low borosilicate, 2. medium borosilicate, 3. high borosilicate)

6. Types of ampoules ( 1. standard ampoules, 2. alien ampoules), onion skin tube, test tubes

7. Application industry

8. Whether the filling liquid is corrosive or not, Whether the filling liquid is viscous is not

9. The capacity of filling and sealing ampoules (1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 25ml)

10.  Do you have technical staff ?

                           Customer Product Inquiry Form

Customer Product Inquiry Form
2.Demand of productivity
3.Demand of gas source
4. Place
5.The material of the ampoule
6.Types of ampoules
7.Application industry
8.Filling liquid
9.Volume of ampoule
10.Technical staff

    After understand the demands of the customers, we can recommend the suitable ampoule sealing machine to them.