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How to repair the "strike" Chinese medicine slicer?

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The traditional Chinese medicine slicer is one of the commonly used slicing equipment. The traditional Chinese medicine slicer is mainly used for the slicing processing of American ginseng, red ginseng and other medicinal materials. It is suitable for Chinese medicine wholesale and separate stores and families. This machine is convenient to use, beautiful in appearance, generous, and evenly sliced , It is the necessary equipment for Chinese medicine slice processing. There are many applications of Chinese medicine slicers, and problems will inevitably occur during use. Let's take a look at the common faults and maintenance methods of Chinese medicine slicers.

The most easily damaged parts of Chinese medicine slicer

1. Bearing
Since the microtome will operate at high speed during work, the internal bearings of the microtome are under tremendous pressure, so the bearings of the microtome will be damaged if it is used for a long time. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid impact pharmaceutical efficiency.
The method of replacing the bearing: use small pliers to remove the bearing. If it is damaged by rolling, the maintenance personnel need to start knocking from the direction of the switch to remove the rolling. Note: when replacing the bearing, the technician must follow the correct order and install it after removing the stuff. Effectively avoid sequence errors, causing the machine to fail to operate normally.

2. Tool

In addition, knives are also prone to wear and tear. The knives must cut medicinal materials quickly and efficiently every day. This is a huge test for the blade. The blade is also the most problematic part of the slicer. The technician should regularly check whether the blade of the microtome needs to be replaced. If the blade is tilted or the like, the technician should promptly correct the blade of the microtome. In addition, the blade of the slicer should be polished regularly to keep the blade sharp, which can not only ensure that the thickness of the medicinal material cut by the slicer is more uniform, but also can effectively improve the working efficiency of the slicer.

Common problems and maintenance of Chinese medicine slicer

The motor does not run after power on the reason:
1. Poor power contact or loose plug;
2. Poor contact of the switch.

Repair method:
1. Repair the power supply or exchange the plug;
2. Repair or replace the switch of the same specification.

Uneven slices, dull, produce more powder the reason:
1. The blade is not sharp;
2. The hardness of the sliced material is too high;
3. The sticky juice of the sliced material sticks the blade;

Uneven force.
Repair method:
1. Remove the blade and sharpen it with a grindstone;
2. Dry the sliced materials to soften;
3. Remove the blade to grind off the sticky juice;
4. Use even force when slicing.

When working, the motor stops rotating the reason:
1. Too much feed and jam the cutter head;
2. Poor contact of the switch.

Repair method:
1. Look at the cutter head and take out the stuck material;