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Do you know the correct use of Chinese medicine slicer?

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The traditional Chinese medicine slicer is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of blade cutting to cut the materials into slices. The machine is composed of a frame, a motor, a blade, a turntable, and a slice thickness adjustment device. The materials are placed in the feeding port and mounted on the turntable. The blade that rotates at a constant speed is continuously cut and cut into slices. It is mainly used in pharmacies, clinics, homes, etc., pharmaceutical factories and food factories and other industries. The correct use method will make the traditional Chinese medicine slicer achieve the slicing effect we want.

Here, in order for everyone to better use the Chinese medicine slicer, we will introduce the correct use of the Chinese medicine slicer.

1.Install the blade

Open the hopper cover, remove the blade pressure plate, place the blade slope upward on the blade installation plane, install the blade pressure block and the compression nut, rotate the turntable so that the push block is at the cut, move the blade so that the blade is close to the push of the turntable For the material block, the smaller the gap, the better, but it should not be in contact, so as not to wear the blade when the turntable rotates. Tighten the compression nut, and then turn the turntable by hand for several weeks to be flexible and free.

2.Adjust the film thickness

Rotate the adjustable nut of the movable outer ring to make the movable outer ring to the proper position, put in a small amount of medicinal materials for trial cutting, and continue to rotate the adjustable nut of the movable outer ring in the running state until it meets the requirements.


In order to improve the product yield, it is recommended to sharpen the knife every half a day. The newly sharpened blade should ensure that the bottom surface of the blade is flat and the blade is straight and perpendicular to the side of the blade. It is recommended to use oilstone or finer grinding wheel for the sharpened blade. Grinding to improve the surface roughness of the blade, reduce the damage to the material, and increase the yield of the finished product.


Start the motor and add a small amount of water to the feeding port to clean the turntable and outer ring. When cutting viscous medicinal materials, the machine will make an abnormal noise, just add a small amount of water, and wipe the water dry with cotton cloth after washing.


It is strictly forbidden to put hard objects such as stones and iron blocks or soft objects such as cotton yarn and cloth into the turntable to avoid damaging the blade or machine, or jamming the turntable.

The medicinal effect of medicine is related to people's health, and the "character" problem of Chinese herbal medicine can not be ignored. Therefore, the work of Chinese herbal medicine slicing is also very particular. Nowadays, the processing process of Chinese medicine decoction pieces has been modernized. Many processes such as cleaning, slicing, steaming, frying, and packaging have all achieved "machine substitution" work. Chinese medicine slicer has become an important tool for slicing Chinese medicine decoction pieces.

Seeing this, everyone must know how to use the traditional Chinese medicine slicer correctly. Only when the traditional Chinese medicine slicer is used correctly can the machine be kept in a good state during working hours and idle time. Chinese medicine slicer achieves the slice effect we want.