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Working mechanism and unique working method of 3D mixing machine

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The three-dimensional mixing machine is commonly used in many industries. The geometry and size of the three-dimensional mixer equipment and the surface processing conditions of the container all affect the movement and speed of the particles in the mixer, thereby affecting the mixing quality and mixing efficiency. The three-dimensional mixer consists of a base、a transmission system、 an electrical control system,、a multi-directional motion mechanism、 a mixing barrel and other components. The equipment is made ofl stainless steel materials, and the inner and outer walls of the barrel are polished. Changsha Yiguang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing three-dimensional motion mixing equipment.

The three-dimensional mixer uses the unique three-degree swing, translational rotation and swing principles to generate a strong alternating pulse motion to continuously promote the mixture. The vortex generated by it has a varying energy gradient, which can produce an excellent mixing effect. The three-dimensional mixing machine also has the advantages of stable operation、 low noise、high loading factor and short mixing time.

The three-dimensional mixer can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture, such as powders、 granular materials, etc.; it can also increase the contact surface area of the materials, accelerate physical changes, and accelerate the dissolution and mixing through the action of the mixing machine.

The working mechanism of the three-dimensional mixer is a spatial six-bar mechanism, in which the container cylinder is a working part of the six-bar mechanism. When the main drive shaft rotates, the simplified geometric centerline periodically changes its position in the three-dimensional space, and the cylinder always rotates around the centerline of rotation at any position in the space. It is precisely because of the spatial movement characteristics of the three-dimensional mixer structure that the material in the container is convective and diffused in the three-dimensional space, so its efficiency and mixing quality are higher than other rotary mixers.